Reflexology is a preventive and therapeutic method that enables to diagnose the weakest points of the organism and to promote global harmonization of body and soul.

It stimulates reflective patches on soles that indirectly cause a release of the spine and visceral organs. Squeezing and stroking of the reflective patch on the foot can be targeted to treat the whole body or a body part. It is possible to strengthen the organism, to supply energy or calm when it is in a state of acute inflammation or pain.


  • to strengthen the immune, lymphatic system and metabolism
  • elimination of back pain, headaches and pain of joints 
  • respiratory diseases
  • atigue and exhaustion
  • insomnia
  • allergies
  • psoriasis
  • digestive problems
  • all chronic diseases, including cancer. 

The only contraindication is a transplanted organ.


1.300,- CZK1. terapie 60 - 75 min.

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