Bach's Flower Remedies

Bach's Flower Remedies

Bach’s Flower Remedies harmonize our negative emotions such as fear, fatigue, lack of confidence, pride, too much enthusiasm. It can help us to live more consciously in the present moment, to look at our life situation and our feelings more objectively and with detachment, to regain the courage to realize our dreams and aspirations, find the right way in our lives. 

Bach’s Flower Remedies are very gentle, completely safe, without any side effect. You cannot overdose them nor become dependent on them. They may be taken by pregnant women, small children, sick people and even pets or houseplants. Bach’s Flower Remedies consist of 38 extracts of different flowers, corresponding to a range of every-day emotional conflicts. They are used 4 drops 4 times a day, as long as necessary. 



Mustard - without obvious reason forfeited by melancholy and depression 

Clematis - running away from the reality, daily dreaming

Agrimony - a smiling face hiding the problems and worries 

Crab Apple - unsatisfied with his appearance, feel like dirty 

Gorse - forfeited by hopelessness, pessimism 

Larch - lack of confidence, inferiority complex

Wild Oat - feel unhappy because cannot find the right place in life, mission in life


After consulting you take away a vial with drops of Bach’s Flower Remedies tailored directly to your needs. At our shop you can also purchase individual vials of remedies, or other products of Bach’s Flower Therapy, such as Crisis pastilles, Crisis cream, etc. 



350,- CZK adults
300,- CZKchildren
200,- CZKpets

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