Tui Na - Chinese Massage

Tui Na - Chinese Massage

The Tui Na massage is a fundamental and important element of Traditional Chinese Medicine for over 2000 years. Includes a variety of pressure, rotation and traction technology that is used to prevent or treat diseases, especially the musculoskeletal system.

During the massage the painful local places are searched and they are treated by different massage techniques. It helps to clear the energy channels, release of muscles and tendons, stimulates blood and lymphatic circulation, and harmonizes the body as a complex.

Unlike Swedish massage Tui Na is working with a system of acupuncture points and pathways, which act reflexively. Harmonizes the entire musculoskeletal system, relieves pain and stiffness of the spine, joints and head. Performed on exposed skin or to clothing, lying down or sitting. Massages are performed by palms, fingers, knuckles or wrists. Excellent results are reported in the treatment of chronic diseases, pains in musculoskeletal system, long-term problems such as insomnia, headaches, gynecological disorders, chronic fatigue, mental problems or recovering post-traumatic conditions, etc. In all these cases the Tui Na massage can be used as method of a first choice.



muscle and joint pain, muscle spasms

migraines and chronic headaches

chronic diseases of the digestive tract

Neurological diseases associated with impaired momentum




acute inflammatory and infectious diseases

states soon after surgery and after trauma

acute back pain without prior medical examination

550,- CZK30 - 40 min.

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