Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage

This is a massage technique which removes fatigue, weakness, stiffness and muscle soreness and improves regeneration of the body. It supprorts blood supplies of the muscles and ligaments initially, but also visceral organs secondarily.

It occurs a faster metabolism, displacement of waste, ballast substances (calcium salts, lactic acid, water ...) to the capillary and lymphatic vessels. Stiff muscular system responds by the release of muscular fibers and spasms. Enters the overall regeneration of the organism, feeling of lightness and freedom of the body (especially after the full body massage).

Massage may have a benefit also to the joints and can help to balance the muscle groups that are riding on that joint. Massage doesn’t strengthens the muscles, it can only prepare them for a better performance. For this kind of massage are applied heavier strokes that remove accumulated fatigue substances.


500,- CZK30 min.
1.000,- CZK60 min.

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