Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage is a very pleasant, relaxing and wellness procedure which remove stress, fatigue and headaches. It is performed at sitting or lying position without oil or with a drop of essential oil put into the scalp of the client. This massage relieves tension and stress that is often build up in the head, which is an important energy center. After this massage you will feel like a rebirth.


Indian Head Massage also oxygenates the brain, improves concentration, helps against depression and anxiety states. Significantly improves the condition of the scalp, the hair is getting thicker, shiny and has a superior quality by a regular massage. It induce a feeling of health, peace and contentment.



headache, migraine, stress and tension, sleep disorders and insomnia, promote detoxification, stimulate hair growth and improve its quality, improve concentration

600,- CZK30 min.

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