Hot Stones

Hot Stones

Hot Stone Massage is one of the most enjoyable relaxing massage and therefore it is currently so popular. True Volcanic rocks positively affect your vibration and heat energy pathways in the body, it has a beneficial effect on the mind and also relax stiff muscles perfectly.


This massage is characterized as a very relaxing, harmonizing and anti-stress therapy. During the massage the 100% virgin coconut oil is used, which leaves the skin soft and nourished. Wonderful effects of massage clients feel even a few days after the procedure. We recommend this massage to everybody who has a difficulty with sleeping, concentration, an inability to relax and even to those who are under constant pressure and stress.  


The effects of massage: 

• stimulates blood circulation and lymphatic system 

• detoxifies and stimulates the immune system 

• gradually warms the entire body 

• balances the body energy 

• deeply relaxes and harmonizes 


Massage Contraindications: 

• heart diseases, high blood pressure 

• pregnancy, menstruation 

• hypersensitivity to heat 

• varicose veins 

• infectious diseases and inflammation 

• open and weeping wounds 

• diabetes 

a recent operation

650,- CZK40 min.
1.000,- CZK60 min.
1400,- CZK90 min.

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