Honey Detoxification Massage

Honey Detoxification Massage

Very effective method for detoxification and beauty. After this procedure your skin and your body will be nicely clarified, silky and honey-scented. Actual caress for the mind and body. 

This massage combines exellent effects of honey on health and compression massage strokes. It removes old sediments and toxins from deep body tissues, which are stored throughout our lives, and activates the visceral organs. The toxins cause a weakening and aging of the organism and it leads to origin of various diseases. 

Honey massage is effective as a means to revitalize the body depleted by stress and unhealthy lifestyles. It will help you with problems with insomnia, headaches or digestive problems. Honey massage is suitable for those who suffer from diseases of joints and rheumatism.

The honey is also widely used in cosmetics, therefore, this massage is also excellent for skin cleansing effects. After the procedure you may feel very tired, so we recommend to patients, elderly people and children to shorten the time of massage.



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