Cupping is an ancient Chinese technique in which the skin surface is accompanied by a special flask. After application of the flask the vacuum appears, so that the surface layer of skin, subcutaneous tissue and muscle is pulled in and kept in a flask. The result of the vacuum leads to a massive blood flow and wash away unwanted metabolites. It will immediately improve the health state.

This kind of treatment is excellent for musculoskeletal pain disorders, infections, skin and gynecological problems, fatigue, exhaustion. Cupping is a method that allows you to heal internal disturbances from the outside. It is very effective and has no side effects.

In China, this traditional method is an important means to achieve sustained health and longevity.



pain in joints, tendons and muscles

back pain and neck


recovery after sport

immune disorders - allergies, persistent inflammation of the mucous membranes of respiratory tract, urinary tract, etc.

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