Gift Vouchers

Gift Cards

Delight your loved ones and make a present gift card is purchased in our studio. Gift cards can be issued:
endowed with the name
any of the massages and treatments
a certain amount - see below
The gift card can be on your wish also attributable to the intended message recipient body - All the best, Good health, To my Honey, Just like
Christmas offer: Tell us you want to arrange a gift voucher as a Christmas gift. Extra 50 CZK. Pick: 1 day after ordering.

The value of the Gift Voucher:

300 Kč   500 Kč   800 Kč   1000 Kč   1500 Kč   jiná hodnota  

Recipient Information:

Information about you:

(sender and the payer of the Gift Voucher)



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Payment Type

Delivery of the Voucher

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