Physiotherapy is particularly suitable for spinal pain in all its sections, scoliosis, after operations and injuries. Lesson includes testing and treatment of functional disorders of the musculoskeletal system, recommendation of appropriate compensatory exercises and physical activities.

We offer:

  • individual approach to each client
  • exercises aimed at eliminating muscle dysbalances
  • stretching of abbreviated muscles and strengthening weakened muscles
  • Soft technics and mobilisation of peripheral joints
  • psychomotor exercises using unstable surfaces
  • breathing exercises
  • appropriate exercises to strengthen pelvic floor
  • taping joints to prevent injury during sports or as the treatment of injured joints already
  • ergonomics activities of daily living and working environment
  • scar care after surgery
  • therapeutic physical education



500,- CZK25 min.
1.000,- CZK55 min.

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